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What’s the difference between a combi, regular and system boiler?

If you are trying to search for a new boiler and finding it a truly daunting task, it needn’t be. There are three main types of domestic boilers that you could be looking at. We will go further into detail below, but the most popular types include combi, regular and system. Each one is different but can have similarities.

You will just have to research and find the best one that fits in with your budget and household needs.


A combination or combi boiler combines two elements. Hot water supply and central heating in one unit. This is very handy for smaller homes as they are only capable of running one shower or bath at a time. They are very energy efficient so great if you are conscious about the effect you are having on the environment. If you have a larger home, then a regular or system boiler might be better for you.


This type of boiler is great if you have ample space within your home, especially loft space. If you get this boiler, you will have gallons of water ready and available to use whenever you need it. Perfect for larger homes that need to run multiple showers all at once. This system comes with the main boiler unit but also a hot water cylinder and water storage tank.


System boilers like regular ones come with a main unit and a hot water cylinder, they don’t need a water storage tank. Great if you don’t have the room needed for the tank. They are energy efficient and can be used with solar thermal systems. These are also great for larger homes that require the use of more than one bathroom at a time.

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