Hot water heat pump

“We are delighted with this new hot water unit, there’s something quite satisfying about it”

The combination of high performance, guaranteed comfort and ultime energy savings

The new Monobloc domestic hot water heat pump is the ideal combination of heat pump technology and a high performance hot water storage tank that increases energy efficiency and can create substantial savings to your energy bills.

Available in the 200 litre or 260 litre model, Monobloc domestic hot water heat pumps are designed to provide your perfect climate.

Energy efficiency

Operating with COP values up to 3,6 for the 260I model it reaches the highest level of energy efficiency. Maximizing savings and minimizing electricity costs.

Low maintenance

High quality materials and smart settings make sure low maintenance is needed. Practical placement of parts ensures easy maintenance.

Solar ready

Solar ready Take full advantage of the sun. Easily connect to a PV-system. Connect also to thermal solar with the 260I additional heat exhanger model.

Amazingly silent

The new Monobloc DHW HP is with its silent operation one of the most quiet in the market with only 36 dB at 2m distance.

Increased energy efficiency and savings

Maximum efficiency

The Monobloc domestic hot water heat pump is optimally designed to maximize the efficiency of hot domestic water production:

Energy savings

The Monobloc domestic hot water heat pump creates substantial savings for the end user:

Future proof:
connect to thermal solar and PV for greater savings

Easily connect your Monobloc DHW HP to a PV system. When surplus PV electricity is available it can be directly supplied to the unit.
The 260I Monobloc DHW HP is available with an additional heat exchanger for direct thermal solar application for maximum advantage of the sun.

Thermal solar, a pressurized system:

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